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Developing True Friendships

By Mayra Gomez
In this blog Mayra expresses her experiences on how God has guided her through developing true friendships. If you ever wondered how to become a true friend ...then you want to read this!

He Who Conceals Hatred...has lying lips...

I think that hatred is a very harsh word, but never the less a true word and should be considered when talking about friendships. I've had the opportunity of talking about my likes and dislikes to a group of amazing individuals who I can honestly say take this Proverbs 10:18 scripture to heart.  How amazing it felt to voice my likes and dislikes and listen to friends and be able to deal with our relationships with truth, honesty, understanding and accountability. It is important to follow Matt. 18: 15-17, when someone offends you the best way to deal with it is to go to them and let them know how they made you feel.  Who knows you may have it all wrong and are holding a grudge unecessarily. Remember an offense with time can turn into hate and hate can cause a slew of problems.

Friends....there is a reason why Jesus gave us so many guidelines to deal with our relationships....BECAUSE THEY WORK!!

If we could just follow in HIS footsteps, and instead of hiding our true feelings about people or situations, we face them and try to understand the who, why and how, misunderstandings would be minimized to almost zero. The only tricky part to all of this is that you must have people who want to do the same, who don't mind getting in the friendship ring with you, who are willing to fight for a true and honest relationship - who are looking for what's right. 

I know that we all say that what I think is right you may not think is right...But you know what? If we follow what the word of God says about relationships and how we should "handle" them - then we're all playing by the same rules.  God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, his rules, principles,and truths never change....only people do - If we all follow the same principles then we should be able to find a solution.
If you need an example of a real friend...then you should really take a look at the friendship between Jonathan and will blow your mind.  Be a real a Jonathan to somebody today!

1 Samuel 18 - "After David had finished talking with Saul, Jonathan became one in spirit with David, and he loved him as himself".

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