Workshops / Conferences

Mayra knows that God allows us to be vessels and uses our personal experiences to teach, demonstrate and encourage with His Love. She loves to speak about topics that reach women and touches their hearts.  Here are some of the conferences / workshops she has been part of throughout the years.


Fashionably Fab Meet & Greet with Natasha B


Natasha is the Editor-in-Style at, and like me loves fashion, food, family and friends and is a true creative at heart. She invited me to be part of her Fashionably Fab 2015 Meet & Greet as one of the Love & Relationship Guest Panelists.  The event was fantastic!  I was able to meet and network with some outstanding and creative individuals, I even got to do a little modeling in the Fall Preview Fashion Show. 

The Love & Relationship Dialogue allowed me to discuss some of the topics that are truly important when building friendships, relationships and a healthy marriage. Guests had the opportunity to ask questions as the dialogue went on. I look forward to doing this event again in the future.

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