"I've been able to witness Mayra in action up-close and personal with her workshops, assisting with many of them. Seeing the difference in these girls' faces from when they walk into the workshop to when they're walking the make-shift runway by the end of the workshop is amazing. Their confidence and understanding of what it is to be a TruModel goes through the roof. These girls gain so much in just one workshop - I can't imagine how several can transform a young girl morally. As a mother of a 14 year old girl, I'm always speaking faith, confidence, and the fact that it doesn't matter what size you are into my daughter's life. This program is a positive influence for young girls. "

- Bridget Ortega, mother, wife and Professional Make Up Artist


"It has been great to work for an organization that accepts you for who you are. There is no stereotyping and no need to be anorexic looking, having a certain height, race, etc. It is great to know that I can be who I am without showing alot of skin and still be able to rock the runway. TruModel is the one program I trust, always reminding that it is OK to be true to myself. There's no changing me into someone I am not."

- Alexis, Student


Mayra, I want to thank you and your Fashion Family for making me feel welcomed and a part of the team! It was a great experience. When I arrived, and you instantly snapped into coaching mode LOL that was awesome (you'll be changing here, this is where you'll be walking and how, and here is the itenerary on how everything's going down, etc.).  Then to see your personality behind the scenes was even better! You and your husband are a great team.  Thanks again for everything Mayra

- Darien, Model


You are amazing, thank you for making our commercial a success!

- Chad & Troy, Owners Salon KeLani


 My name is Marcia and I was out surfing the web tonight looking for additional helps as our church is getting ready to have a fashion show in May. I came upon your web site and I say to God be the Glory as it is good to see something so positive. Our young ladies of today need to know that there is so much more than what the world shows them. God can truly help us see the beauty that is inside everyone, as He looks on the inside and not on the outside. Your site is truly encouraging. If you can I would appreciate any suggestions or tips to help us help our youth and our adults as we put on our first fashion show. May God continue to bless your ministry.

- Marcia


I've watched this woman from Model4Jesus on the TBN tv channel, and I was touch by the her statement about how to be an model and be an christian at the same time, a beliver in christ!

- Akebe E.



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